Draft Policies

Posted December 13, 2017

The review and comment period for development and adoption of the following treatment guidelines has been initiated. Please review carefully and submit comments.

This public comment period will close February 11, 2018.

7007 Patient Destination/Point of Entrypdf
Major trauma patients, both adult and pediatric, within 60 mins air transport time from a trauma center may be transported to the closest appropriate trauma center without base contact. Base contact for >60 mins.

8019 Sepsis Alertpdf
Removal of Dopamine and addition of push dose Epinephrine.

8105 and 8108 Cardiac Arrest (VF/VT & Asystole/PEA)pdf
Removal of Dopamine and addition of push dose Epinephrine.

Allergic Reactionpdf
Combines 9201 Allergic Reaction, 9202 Anaphylaxis, and 9709 Pediatric Allergic Reaction. Addition of Epinephrine auto-injector for BLS and push dose Epinephrine for severe anaphylaxis.

Altered Mental Statuspdf
Combines 8007 BLS Altered Mental Status, 9301 Altered Level of Consciousness, and 9711 Pediatric Altered Level of Consciousness. Addition of blood glucose determination and IN Narcan for BLS. Increase Narcan maximum dose to 10mg.

Chest Pain/Suspected ACSpdf
Combine 8006 BLS SOB/CP and 9108 Suspected ACS. Addition of ASA administration for BLS.

BLS skill, format change.

End-Tidal CO2 Monitoring pdf
Format change.

Needle Thoracostomypdf
Equipment change.

Oral Endotracheal Intubationpdf
Removal of intubation for pediatrics equal to and less than the Broselow tape.

Poisoning/Overdose/Toxic Exposurespdf
Combines 9712 Pediatric Toxic Exposure and 9203 Poisoning/Overdose.

Respiratory Distresspdf
Combines 8003 Airway/O2, 8004 O2 sat, 8005 Airway Obstruction, 8006 BLS SOB/CP, 9002 Airway Management,9501 Bronchospasm, 9502 Acute Pulmonary Edema, 9706 Pediatric Respiratory Distress, and 9707 Pediatric Bronchospasm.

Supraglottic Airwaypdf
New policy.

Non-traumatic Shockpdf
Combines 9109 Cardiogenic Shock and 9108 Pediatric Shock. Removes Dopamine and adds push dose Epinephrine.

Pediatric Drug Dose cardspdf
To optimize safety in dosing medications in children, a standard formulary has been created. This guideline pre-calculates all doses based on kilogram weight in children and color codes to correlate with the Broselow™ tape. These cards also include normal vital signs and calculated defibrillation/cardioversion. An example (3KG/Grey) of the cards are attached. CVEMSA will be purchasing laminated card packs for each ALS response vehicle.

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