EMS Special Memos

CVEMSA occasionally releases memos related to policies, guidelines, and other pertinent EMS matters.  

EMS Special Memos

Filename File Size Last Modified
An Adobe Acrobat file 20-006 EMS Special Memo IO Infusions Download Preceding File 310.92 KB 08-21-2020
An Adobe Acrobat file 20-005 EMS Special Memo Credentialing Update Download Preceding File 343.15 KB 07-20-2020
An Adobe Acrobat file 20-004 EMS Special Memo Cardiac Arrest Management during COVID-19 Download Preceding File 398.08 KB 05-15-2020
An Adobe Acrobat file 20-003.2 EMS Special Memo Coronavirus Download Preceding File 445.78 KB 05-15-2020
An Adobe Acrobat file 20-003.1 EMS Special Memo- COVID19 Download Preceding File 543.59 KB 04-09-2020
An Adobe Acrobat file 19-001 Stroke Symptom Update Download Preceding File 50.04 KB 01-09-2019
An Adobe Acrobat file 18-001 Expanded EMT Scope of Practice Progress Report Download Preceding File 86.44 KB 05-14-2018
An Adobe Acrobat file 17-001 Removal of Furosemide from Coastal Valleys EMS Optional Scope Download Preceding File 146.3 KB 03-08-2017
An Adobe Acrobat file 16-003 Kaiser San Rafael Interim STEMI Center Destination Approval Download Preceding File 72.92 KB 12-13-2016
An Adobe Acrobat file 16-002-CQI-Protection Download Preceding File 285.6 KB 10-07-2016
An Adobe Acrobat file 16-001-End-of-Life-Act Download Preceding File 144.42 KB 07-21-2016
An Adobe Acrobat file 14-002 Ebola Guidance Download Preceding File 139.1 KB 10-15-2014
An Adobe Acrobat file 14-001 SMR Training Material Change and CQI Guidance Download Preceding File 70.78 KB 10-15-2014
An Adobe Acrobat file 13-001 Medication Substitution Download Preceding File 79.77 KB 04-16-2013
An Adobe Acrobat file 10-002 Acceptable Substitutions for Unavailable Medications Download Preceding File 30.28 KB 06-23-2011
An Adobe Acrobat file 10-001 Treatment Guideline Revision 9402 Vaginal Hemorrhage with Shock Download Preceding File 29.68 KB 06-23-2011
An Adobe Acrobat file 09-006 Potential Revision of EMS Agency Fees and Authorizations Download Preceding File 54.3 KB 06-23-2011
An Adobe Acrobat file 09-005 Hospital Preparedness Program Consultant Download Preceding File 57.18 KB 06-23-2011
An Adobe Acrobat file 09-004 Challenge Examination Policy Download Preceding File 44 KB 06-23-2011
An Adobe Acrobat file 09-003 Point of Entry Policy Clarification Download Preceding File 39.67 KB 06-23-2011
An Adobe Acrobat file 09-001 Implementation of the Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment POLST Form Download Preceding File 53.23 KB 06-23-2011
An Adobe Acrobat file 07-001 Taser Barb Removal Download Preceding File 43.5 KB 07-01-2014
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