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Fee Schedule

Updated September 6, 2011

EMT Certification $155.00
EMT Re-certification with First-time Live Scan Background
This fee applies if applicant is a current EMT but has not previously submitted a Live Scan Background to CVEMSA.
EMT Re-certification, Live Scan Background on File
This fee applies if applicant has a Live Scan Background currently on file with CVEMSA.
Paramedic Accreditation 200.00
Paramedic Re-accreditation
No fee unless accreditation has lapsed.
Paramedic Lapsed Accreditation
Initial fee applies.
Replacement Card 12.50

Please note: Initial State Registry fees are applicable for the initial entry into the State Registry system. Once entered into the system, applicants will pay the lower recertification fee on subsequent applications. See EMT Background Investigation FAQ for more information.

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