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Happy EMS Week 2022!

The Coastal Valleys EMS Agency team wishes all of our EMS System partners a happy EMS Week!

Our EMS System is complex and diverse. It exists due to the efforts of many different organizations from a range of disciplines. It begins with our training partners who prepare our prehospital providers for certification and licensure as EMTs or Paramedics. It includes Our 911 Communications Centers that provide life saving instructions to callers while coordinating the response to the emergency. Our responders from public safety agencies through private services are the most visible part of the EMS System, providing compassionate care with professional skill and competency. Our hospital partners, from large Base Hospitals and specialty care centers to local community hospitals are integral parts of the EMS system as a whole. The active and willing engagement and collaboration with the prehospital components of the system by our hospital partners gives us the means consider the care of patients from 911 call through hospital discharge. 

Each of the entities that form part of the EMS System and the individuals working within it deserve heart-felt appreciation for the work they do with conviction, passion and dedication. You have our respect and appreciation this week and every week!

Happy EMS Week 2022!

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