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EMS Special Memo 22-001 Expedited Accreditation Process

Coastal Valleys EMS Agency has released EMS Special Memo 22-001 authorizing some modifications to local process for paramedic accreditation.

EMS Special Memo 22-001 that describes two expedited accreditation processes CVEMSA is implementing to support current and potentially worsening shortages of accredited paramedics.

The Special Memo provides the process for implementing An ALS Provider Agency abbreviated system orientation for experienced paramedics that will allow for a waiver of the standard “five call” field evaluation.

 The Special Memo also allows new paramedics to complete the CVEMSA five call process concurrently with the end of their field internships. If the internship was completed at the employing ALS Provider agency and the field preceptor/evaluator documents five eligible ALS contacts in which the intern performed at the level of an accreditation candidate, the field evaluation may be submitted for accreditation purposes.

Please direct any questions regarding this EMS Special Memo to EMS Coordinator James Salvante via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport( ET3) Pilot Program Approved

The Coastal Valleys EMS Agency has released Special Memo 21-003 intended to authorize the implementation of a CMS-approved ET3 Pilot Project within the LEMSA jurisdiction. This Special Memo is required due to a CMS approval deadline of December 31 2021 by any regulatory agencies approving such pilots.

Greater discussion about the expansion of the ET3 study component(s) including on-scene treat and release, telemedicine and alternate care facility diversion/transportation within CVEMSA will occur at EMCC, MAC, and the policy revision group. Those components need to have robust stakeholder discussion and input. Ultimately, operationalized treatment guidelines and policy infrastructure will be built through a collaborative effort between CVEMSA and outside interested parties.


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California State EMS Stroke and STEMI Summits

Please click the links below for the California State Stroke and STEMI Summits. These are free virtual events offering EMS CE open to any and all interested individuals. Registration links are included in the linked fliers:

California State Stroke Summit

California State STEMI Summit

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CVEMSA Special Memo 21-002- Exposure Reporting

Coastal Valleys EMS Agency, in coordination with Sonoma County Public Health, has released EMS Special Memo 21-002 with the intent to provide education to Sonoma County EMS System partners regarding communicable disease reporting requirements in general with a focus on SARS-CoV-2. Although this memo may only be considered authoritative for Sonoma County based on Local Health Jurisdiction boundaries, the information presented in consistent with California Health and Safety Code as well as CDC guidelines.  Please feel free to connect with EMS Agency staff with any questions regarding this informational memo.

EMS Special Memo 21-002 Exposure Reporting (Sonoma County)

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2021 CVEMSA Treatment Guidelines Released for Public Comment Period

2021 Treatment Guidelines Revisions

Public Comment Period March 15, 2021- May 15, 2021

Coastal Valleys EMS Agency is proposing revisions to several Treatment Guidelines. System stakeholders worked with the EMS Agency Medical Director and staff to develop the following public comment versions:

  •     7003 Cardiac Arrest Management
  •     7102 Dysrhythmias
  •     7501 Imminent Delivery
  •     7906 Administration of Ketorolac
  •     7908 CPAP

Link to 2021Draft Treatment Guidelines document
Please note the linked file is a version of the CVEMSA Treatment Guidelines manual that includes edits to the above treatment guidelines open for public comment. The reminder of the CVEMSA Treatment Guidelines are not under revision during this cycle. System participants and stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback on any CVEMSA policy at any time, but only the five guidelines listed above are open for changes in this policy development cycle.

Please forward comments via fax or email to:

Carly Sullivan
Advanced Life Support Coordinator
Coastal Valleys EMS Agency
195 Concourse Blvd., Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
707-565-6510 FAX
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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CVEMSA Local Optional Scope of Practice Approved for EMT Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine

On January 13, 2021, the California EMS Authority approved the Coastal Valleys EMS Agency Application for Local Optional Scope of Practice (LOSOP) enhancement allowing Emergency Medical Technicians to administer COVID-19 vaccinations under direct supervision of paramedics or Registered Nurses. CVEMSA constituent counties of Mendocino and Sonoma join a growing number of California Counties expanding the EMT scope of practice to support the vaccination efforts of local public health jurisdictions.

For CVEMSA, this approval represents the first local accreditation process for EMTs, and will require  partnership with local Advanced Life Support (paramedic) service providers to oversee the EMT practice in collaboration with CVEMSA. To provide the Emergency Accreditation Authorization for EMT Vaccinators, CVEMSA Medical Director Dr. Mark Luoto has issued EMS Special Memo 21-001 which outlines the training, oversight and documentation requirements for EMT Accreditation and approval to vaccinate. California Code of Regulations Title 22 provides the framework for Local EMS Agencies to approve expanded scope of practice for both provider agencies and individual EMTs, and the Special Memo provides the legal authorization needed to implement this expansion. 

Briefly, any EMT seeking accreditation for LOSOP as a vaccinator must be affiliated with an ALS Provider sponsor that will ensure the EMS Agency training has been completed and competency verified. Sponsoring ALS providers will send a roster that includes an affirmation that EMTs listed were appropriately trained to CVEMSA for approval. CVEMSA will then authorize those EMTs to work under the direction of the ALS Provider Medical Director as an Optional Scope Medical Director. EMT Accreditation will be continuous until CVEMSA notifies provider agencies the program has been terminated, or the EMS Special Memo expires on January 13, 2022

ALS Providers may, at their discretion, sponsor EMTs of non-ALS agencies or volunteers. Paramedics that are not currently accredited by CVEMSA are permitted to function as EMTs, and may accredit as vaccinators under the provisions of EMS Special Memo 21-001 by affiliating with an ALS Provider agency, and having training and competency verified by the sponsoring agency.

Linked below are:

EMS Special Memo 21-001  pdf 21-001 EMS Special Memo EMT Emergency Accreditation.pdf (676 KB)

Training and Accreditation Roster  pdf EMT Emergency Accreditation Authorization Training and Competency Verification.pdf (467 KB)

CVEMSA-Approved Training Checklist  pdf Skills Checklist for Vaccine Administration.pdf (87 KB)

CVEMSA-Approved PowerPoint Presentation  document COVID-19_EMT A-EMT P_Training PP_EMSA_REVISED.pptx (7.71 MB)

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